What’s Cheating?

Cropped screenshot of Marilyn Monroe and Cary ...
Is this okay? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“So it is okay if I talk to that cute guy right?”    “What if we are talking about sex?  Is that cool?”

“What if it is just a back rub?”   “If I show my boobs, is that across the line?  He’s just looking.”

I have always struggled with exactly where the line was for cheating.  I am a perfectionist and have a strong need to know when I am not doing things correctly.  I also enjoy flirting and dancing on the line.

I stumbled on a beautiful way of defining it.  I wanted to keep it for my own reference and this seemed like a safe place.  Here is the definition:

Cheating is an act taken by a person in a relationship with another person outside of the relationship without the knowledge of the first person.

It made me think.  How do you define cheating in your relationship?


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