boyfriend having an orgasm
(Photo credit: kait jarbeau is in love with you)

(I realize that I am only on day 3 of not being allowed to touch or cum.  I am not in a chastity device and it has not been that long.  I am new and horny and learning.  I tip my hat to those who have overcome my inexperience or didn’t struggle  when they were new.  I however, am new to all of this and seem to struggle with self control.)

Of all my fantasies, orgasm denial has always been in the top 3.  The idea of having someone stop me from orgasming until the need built into unimaginable torture, makes my brain go into overdrive.  As  I finish day 3 with a very long play session and no orgasm in sight, I am  realizing a lot more about my biggest turn on.

It is damn hard to hold out.

I didn’t realize how much control it would take to stay in the moment while playing and also stay under control to avoid an orgasm.  Today, it  started to get a little frustrating.  It takes a lot more control then I realized…


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