Who would have thought?

We were having a perfectly normal dinner with old friends. A nice couple that I had been jokingly flirting with and a guy who was a bit of a player in my social group.  They were nice people that I had hung out with for years.

Suddenly, I was being asked, “Do you know what a St. Andrew’s Cross is?  I don’t think you have much knowledge of the BDSM world right?”

I wanted to scream, “WAIT!!  How the hell did we get here?”  Instead I calmly responded, “Yeah, I have some knowledge of the BDSM world.  I have heard of a St. Andrew’s Cross.”  (I heard about it last night in the erotica I was reading and it was really hot!)

They must not have noticed how red I was becoming or my eyes growing wide as they continued talking about the local munch.  They talked about who was still involved and where the events were taking place.  They talked about their costumes and the munch in a nearby city.

Then the couple turned to me and asked quite clearly, “What’s your kink?”

I  responded with the single word “submissive” before continuing my staring contest with the table.  The conversation went on and ended while my mind spun.  These perfectly normal people who have been my friends for years are just like me.

Who would have thought?


2 thoughts on “Who would have thought?

  1. We are everywhere. I remember a discussion I had with Mr. Thesaurus. I had mentioned he wasn’t as vanilla as I thought. He said, “You’re the one who said I was vanilla. I never said that.”

  2. Well, what do you know? That is rather nice – and it is nice to think also that you are friends at least partly because of some deeper link…all the same….wow!

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