A dream

my brandnew desk
(Photo credit: smilemark)

I have been needy and wanting and begging to get more attention.  He’s been busy with work and life.  He’s been trying to satisfy me but I just can’t get enough.  I am fed up with how I am acting.    I just wish I could get myself under control.

He tells me that tomorrow I will call off work and he will give me all the attention I can imagine.  He reminds me that I shouldn’t be touching or playing until tomorrow.

I call out of work and resist the strong urge to see how wet I am.

I know better than to wear a bra or panties.  When I arrive at his house, I am wearing only a tight tank top and a short skirt.  He grabs my hair and escorts me inside without a word.  He waits silently as I strip and kneel.  Then he gestures for me to lean over his desk.  I feel my wrists being restrained as he begins to talk, “His pet has become too needy.  Today she will practice self control.”  I squirm as I feel wetness begin to drip down my leg.

“If pet makes a sound, she will be punished.  His slut is to stay wet and wait silently for Master to have time for her.”  Master sits in his chair and begins to work.  After a few minutes, Master leans over and sticks one finger in his slut.  “Good little slut,” he says, “If Master finds that pet is no longer wet at any time today, she will be punished.”


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