I stumbled into a bookstore this weekend looking for a bit of alone time and didn’t have the courage to go to the locked cabinet that would hold the really SEXY stories.  Instead, I found a book about stripping.  It was fascinating!

The book talked about all the horrible realities of the business but somehow it only appealed more.  The drugs, the dirty comments the men make, the huge amounts of money that the strippers never manage to save, the clothes they have to buy, and the work they have to do to take care of themselves. (DARE never worked either.  I only learned the names of the drugs I wanted.)

I have always been drawn to the sex industry.  I filled out an application to be an escort girl but panicked about who would protect me.  I worked serving drinks as a shot girl and loved the attention.  I took pole dancing lessons.  I feel like there is so much to learn in the sex industry.  You would either make it rich and learn pride in your body or end up running away more broken than when you arrived.

the challenge appeals….Maybe I could just try it for the summer?  Anyone want to teach an old girl (27) new tricks?


3 thoughts on “Stripping

  1. Sweetie be careful about the underworld of Sex and drugs…The male characters that live and work in this world will break you not make you! Learn the meaning of self esteem, always honor your self…Sex is not bad when you go about it with a healthy outlook… Good men who will cherish you and adore you don’t live in the world of sex and drugs. Please rethink this before jumping in! Hugs, Miss ClassRomance

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