A response to Z

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Z of Second Life: The story of slave T wrote a story with me as the main character.  When I finally recovered from the shock that someone would write something so beautiful for or about me, I couldn’t help but feel inspired.  I had an uncontrollable need to continue the story.   She left things so beautifully open to a response.   I hope she doesn’t mind the continuation…

I arrived at the hotel at 3:50 and set up the room as you asked.  I looked nervously at each toy before heading to the coffee shop.  I was far too worried for food and instead sipped two glasses of water while starring at the clock.

At 6:20, I sped back to my room to get ready.  As I stripped to get in the shower, I realized that I would not be putting on clothes again until you left.  I could feel the tension building in my stomach.  I was out of the shower by 6:45 and sat silently dripping as I awaited your call.

The phone rang at 6:55.  I smiled at your promptness and took a deep breath before quietly mumbling my room number.  I cleared my throat and repeated it once more louder.  I walked to the door hearing only the pounding in my ears and the sharp click of the lock opening.  I slipped the blindfold over my eyes and waited for your knock.  You had to knock twice before I found the nerve to pull open the door.

As the door closed, I started to tell you how scared I was and felt your soft gloved hand against my lips.  From there, it is hard to describe all that I felt.  As you helped me put on my gloves and boots and then tied my wrists, I felt my chest tighten and throat drying.  Then as you slipped the gag into my mouth, I realized how naive I was.  I hadn’t asked if gags came in sizes and this one was huge.  I started to panic realizing I couldn’t tell you anything. I was helpless. Then, I felt your arms around me and your hands softly stroking my hair.  My body relaxed a little and settled into your softness.

The rest of the night was a roller coaster of excitement.  I felt myself heating further as you guided me by only my nipples.  Then I was being spread.  I had only fantasized about being so vulnerable.  I could feel the breeze move against my nipples and the cold air hitting my cunt as I waited for your touch.  The bed dipped and my mind raced as you sat to explore my body.  The clamps brought my mind back to focus and I thrust into your fingers needing more.  I quickly realized my mistake as fingers pulled me off the bed and my first butt plug stretched me uncomfortably.

I squirmed as I felt you move away and listened for a hint of what was to come.  I felt the dildo against my sopping wet hole and resisted the urge to thrust towards it.  Soon my control waned and I was met with a final thrust that pushed me over the edge.  My body felt weak as you untied me and quietly left the room.  I felt the silence as I drifted off to sleep and awoke wondering if I would ever see you again. Wondering if I would again feel the fear, the nerves, and the excitement…


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