Idea Part 2

On the first night after I announced my idea, he slowly pulled my hair down to his lap and I jumped at the chance.  I poured my heart into showing him how much I liked being commanded and he happily responded to my attention.

The second night, he started to pull my hair down and I moved towards his lap.  While leaning down I said, “If you get bored of pulling my hair, you can just tell me to do it and I will.” He responded with, “suck my cock!”  and I smiled as I got started.  Although I worked with enthusiasm, I could tell that we both wanted sex.  I worked hard not to make a move without being told.  After a while, he finished.  He spoke quietly, “I like your pussy a lot better.”  I smiled and said, “next time you should take it.”  We both laughed and fell asleep.

It was late and I was falling asleep when I felt my hair being pulled.  Then he stopped.  “You look tired”, he said.  I smiled as I focused my attention, “If you want it, take it.” He pulled harder and did just that.  As I was getting into my rhythm, I felt myself being lifted and placed onto his cock.  I was not only not being asked, I was in a new position that forced him deep inside.  I bounced and moaned as we came together.  As I rolled over to fall asleep, we looked at each other happily dazed.


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