The high…

The gods Giunione and Giove, who combine to as...
High (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The high of a great workout, the euphoria of pushing past your fears, the bliss of an orgasm

Recently I’ve been thinking about how these highs could be related to an addictive personality or to depression.  That my love of working out, pushing my fears, and sex could all be related.  Might I be compensating for a chemical that is missing in my brain?  Could it be true that not everyone feels an orgasm like I do?  Could it be that it feels so much better because there is a chemical missing?

As a kid, I sometimes wondered if everyone sees color the same or if food tastes the same to all people.  I wanted to get into other people’s bodies and feel from their point of view and understand their world.  I guess this is my grown-up version of the same question.

Do we all have the same high?  Could yours possibly feel this good?


2 thoughts on “The high…

  1. We all have our own unique take on the world, while humans may have the same vague experiences, your brain makes it unique to you, for no two brains will process information the same way. Food, color, orgasm is only perceived the way you can perceive it.

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