Time for Toys

I have so many toys I would love to buy.  I have been hoping that if I wait long enough the god of sex will rain toys down on me for being a good new submissive…

I have tried buying toys before.

College friends convinced me to go to an adult store.  It was my first time and I was pretty shy about being in the store with all of my friends but I wanted something fun to play with.  Since my mother had taught me that brand name did not always mean better, I carefully shopped for the off brand cheaper version.  I was thrilled to find a $12 vibrator in a pretty pink!  I snickered as my roommate wasted her money.

As my vibrator heated up and started burning my pussy, the smell of burning plastic filled the room.  The smell of a  whore house on fire still lingered in the  air when my roommate came home the next morning…


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