tied up

Painting of S/M sexuality
Tied Up  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They say that everyone remembers their first.  Mine was only memorable in the hilarity and frustration.

The first time that I explored being tied up was with my first love.  He may have been my first love because he accepted this crazy side of me.  We were VERY new to all of the intricacies of bondage, or submission.  That night, he didn’t mention that he had tied belts at all four sides of the bed.  I was in the midst of going down on him when he told me to close my eyes, lay back, and wait.  He tied a blindfold to my eyes and proceeded to tie my arms and legs.  If you know me well enough, you might guess what happened.

My mind started screaming, “HOLY SHIT!  I have wanted this for ever!  Pay attention!  Quit thinking and pay attention!”  I immediately started thinking only of how excited I was.  I couldn’t focus on anything going on because I was SO thrilled that it was happening.  I can’t tell you the exact order of events from that point.  I know I was excited (obviously) and that we had sex.  I know that I couldn’t cum because my brain was cheering too loud.

AND the session ended.  On that glorious high note!


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