Do I Look Like a Slut?
Do I Look Like a Slut? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I think I was probably 21 when I decided my own personal definition of a slut.  (I know this is crazy but bear with me.)

I decided that if the number of years I have been having sex equals the number of partners I’ve had, I can’t be a slut.  Back then, I had a lot of leeway.  I had been dating the same man that I had lost my virginity to and my numbers left a lot of room for experimenting.  I have been fighting “sluthood” ever since.  When I broke up with that man and tasted the cultures of the world, things got a little more tight.

Somewhere along the way, this fear of being a slut has sunk in.  As the years click by, I celebrate my chance for one more steamy hookup and wonder who the hell thought of such an arbitrary system.


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