Dragon from PSF D-270006.png
Chasing the Dragon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve heard addicts say that they are always chasing that dragon.  Looking to get that first high again.

My family is the perfect case history of addiction.  Out of the 200 or so people I can name that are genetically linked to me, the majority are chasing their own dragon.

1\3rd are addicted to religion.  They eat, sleep, and breathe God.  You can’t start any conversation that doesn’t lead to God. If you tell them, “My dog has the worst diarrhea.”  you will get, “God has a plan for even it’s smallest creatures.”

1\3rd are addicted to drugs and alcohol.  They find treatment and then fall back.  Their fight is some of the hardest to watch and I am thankful to have not fallen into this group yet.

The last 1\3rd of my family are a crazy mixed bag.  They are addicted to success, hard core sports, and sex.  I wonder sometimes if I fall into this group.  I still remember my first orgasm.  I remember how my mind felt like it was screaming and how much I shook.  I know that asking someone to make me hold out is to get me closer to that first orgasm.  I can feel myself chasing the dragon.


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