Another kink in the plan

Broken heart symbol
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Years ago, a man who I thought was perfect broke my heart.  I made the decision that I wouldn’t settle for less again.   My husband would be able to accept my crazy dreams, ready to  start a family, interested in making the world a better place, loving, confident, open, accepting of my past, and someone who makes me better.  This wonderful man wouldn’t show a propensity towards anger or  a need to control me outside of the bedroom.  He would most likely have blue eyes and be within 5 years of my age.  My list might sound crazy.. but I  had to get control of the heartbreak somehow.

Within the last 3 months, I have come to accept that I have always wanted to be submissive.  I quickly concluded that I could have it all.  That I could be a wife, a mother, and a submissive.   I had my doubts.  Finding a vanilla man is hard enough and I put a kink in it.  (pun intended)

Then other people started putting words to my doubts.   I  have hardly had time to realize what I want and I already feel like it won’t come true.  Is it crazy to want it all?

I dream not only when I am sleeping, I stare at the world not just to see, I live not just because I was born, I believe I can achieve whatever my heart desires as long as I don’t give up.”


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