Why obey?

BDSM (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Although I believe that feeling someone deeply lusting partially draws me to this lifestyle, I like even more that I will be told how to be pleasing.  I am happy about the expectation for open communication because I will not have to second guess my choices. I am excited about knowing what the dominant thinks and wants because I will be taught.  I will know how to please my partner.

But most of all, I love the loss of control.  I have always liked that a Master could control a submissive’s urge to cum and could stop or force them to cum on command.  I also liked the dominant’s rules and punishments but I didn’t really see the Master’s rules as something that I HAD to obey.  Up until this point, I chose to obey the rules because I liked them. I would have cum without permission because I didn’t see the risk in breaking a rule.  I realize that my choice not to submit to a command breaks the foundation of the relationship.

A submissive must follow every rule because if the submissive does not value the rules, the dominant looses control.  To submit, I have to submit completely to Master’s control.  If I hold back at all, I will still hold control.  I need to see each rule as something that I would do anything to avoid breaking or Master will not control me which is the foundation of the Master/ slave relationship.


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