As life got busy this past summer, I fell out of kink.  I  focused on my relationship and we started trying to build a family.   Maybe I was never a kinky girl, but just a girl who explored kink.  Maybe it’s out of my system now. Then I got a text.  An old boy friend … More Decisions

A crazy few months

You don’t need all the details… but this month and the last and the few before have been pretty insane. Don’t worry. I’m alive and horny.. And this winter I get to CUM back! Stop in Friday or anytime this week for a CUMback show… Sara

30 days of kink: Day 23

Since you first developed an interest in kink, have your interests/perspectives changed?  How so? Recently, a friend mentioned how political I have become. Me?  Political?  I can’t stand politics.  I hate the lies and fear mongering. But my Facebook profile is a barrage of sex positive feminism.  I post comedians talking about women’s right to choose. … More 30 days of kink: Day 23